Selected papers

Authors of selected papers must use the ID of their paper when submitting the camera-ready version of their paper. Paper ID is not the EDAS ID. Paper ID is the ID given in the list below that follows the pattern: <Workshop Acronym>-<two digit paper no>, e.g. PCO-07.

The camera ready version of the paper is due by March 7, 2016.

Instructions for submitting the camera ready version are at   (at the bottom of the page)

Please ensure that the papers are submitted using the IPDPSW instructions (rather than the IPDPS instructions).

List of accepted papers:

PCO-01 Parallel ant colony optimization for flow shop scheduling subject to limited machine availability

Yumei Huo, Jun Xiong Huang

PCO-02 Optimizing Metaheuristics and Hyperheuristics through Multi-level Parallelism on a Many-core System

José Matias Cutillas Lozano, Luis Garcia, Domingo Gimenez, Luis Garcia

PCO-03 High Performance Parallel Graph Coloring on GPGPUs

Pingfan Li, Xuhao Chen, Zhe Quan, Jianbin Fang, Huayou Su, Tao Tang, Cuanqun Yang

PCO-04 Counting Triangles in Large Graphs on GPU,

Adam Polak

PCO-05 GPGPU-based Parallel Algorithms for Scheduling Against Due Date

Abhishek Awashi, Jorg Lassig, Jens Leuschner, Thomas Weise

PCO-06 PIPS-SBB: A parallel distributed-memory branch-and-bound algorithm for stochastic mixed-integer programs

Deepak Rajan, Lluis-Miquel Munguia, Geoffrey Oxberry

PCO-07 Scenario Decomposition for 0-1 Stochastic Programs: Improvements and Asynchronous Implementation

Deepak Rajan, Kevin Ryan, Shabbir Ahmed

PCO-08 Testing fine-grained parallelism for the ADMM on a factor-graph

Ning Hao, Amirreza Oghbaee, Mohammad Rostami, Nate Derbinsky, Jose Bento

PCO-09 A High Performance Implementation of Spectral Clustering on CPU-GPU Platforms

Yu Jin, Joseph Jaja

PCO-10 GPU-based two level parallel B&B for the Blocking job shop scheduling problem

Adel Dabah, Ahcène Bendjoudi, Didier El Baz, Abdelhakim AitZai

PCO-11 A Semi-Greedy Heuristic for the Mapping of Large Task Graphs

Karl-Eduard Berger, François Galea, Bertrand Le Cun, Renaud Sirdey

PCO-12 A Parallel Ant Colony Optimization for the Maximum Weight Clique Problem

Lei Wu, Didier El Baz, Mhand Hifi, Xiaochuan Shi

PCO-13 Performance Analysis of Bio-Inspired Scheduling Algorithms for Cloud Environments

Ali AlBuhussain, Robson De Grande, Azzedine Boukerche

PCO-14 Evaluating the performance of A4SDN on various network topologies

Giovanni Cammarata, Antonella Di Stefano, Giovanni Morana, Daniele Zito

PCO-15 Hybrid heuristics for mapping task problem on large scale heterogeneous platforms

Amir Nakib, Ania Kaci, Patrick Siarry, Huy-Nam Nguyen



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